Udicer / Nautitest is the Notified Body to the European Community by the Italian State, marked by the international number 0966, and carries out all the verification and certification procedures for the CE marking of pleasure craft and components covered by the new directive 2013/53 / EU (and residual applications of directive 94/25 / CE – 2003/44 / CE) and the certifications of the quality of production and of the company’s total quality.

Udicer also carries out inspections for the issue, renewal, validation of the boat safety certificate and all the checks required by the Nautical Code and by the implementation regulations.

Services for the Pleasure

The boat safety certificate – Validity

The safety certificate certifies the compliance of the pleasure craft, that is, the unit of hull length exceeding 10 meters and subject to registration, with the provisions of the Implementation Regulations of the Nautical Code. In other words, the technical and administrative safety standards provided for by current nautical legislation. The document is issued upon first registration of the boat in the R.I.D. (Recreational Craft Register).

The safety certificate is required for:

• visit to issue the safety certificate

• visit for renewal of the safety certificate

• visit to validate the safety certificate

• visit by extension of the navigation of vessels

• visit to embark / disembark the engine

• visit to increase the number of people transportable by pleasure craft

• visit to determine the length of the hull

• visit to ascertain the suitability of the boat for navigation without any limit

• visit for the issue, renewal and validation of the rental eligibility certificate

How to activate visits for the security certificate

The security visits are activated in a very simple and immediate way as well as those for the issuance of the required certifications, which takes place in a few hours and without too many “passes of cards”!

U / Net System

The U / Net System of security certifications (“computer 2 computer”) allows the dematerialization of paper documents for the certification process, which is completely digitalized, with enormous economic and time advantages.

Digitized procedure:

1. visit request

2. visit reports

3. electronic certificate with digital signature

Obviously, if you are not comfortable with the computer you can always resort to “traditional” methods.

The UDICER technical office is always available to provide the necessary information.