UDICER has organized the entire EC certification process on an electronic basis: drawings, diagrams, reports, and anything else necessary for the CE marking, are processed on electronic media.

For example, it is not necessary to send the design and executive drawings of the “product” made on paper, but it is sufficient to prepare them in digital format (CAD, PDF, etc.), which will be examined, corrected and sent back, with the same transmission system and with any corrections and / or prescriptions, to the manufacturer / designer.

An undoubted advantage both in terms of saving time for document processing and certification and in economic terms.

The UDICER “spreadsheets”, structured with compilation control systems, also facilitate the manufacturer in the fast and “clean” creation of the product technical file.



The manufacturer can follow the evolution of the CE marking practice of their product in “real time”, through our exclusive U-TRACKING EC SYSTEM platform.

In summary, the product technical dossier and the various stages of approval by our technical office can be controlled remotely by connecting to the dedicated UDICER web page. Access is exclusive and, in full respect of privacy, protected by a password that is provided to the manufacturer.

On the U-TRACKING EC SYSTEM page, the manufacturer will also take note of any requests from the Technical Office for the continuation of the practice.

In any case, direct confrontation with our technicians and the Management is always possible.