The humidity in the fiberglass is the clear and unequivocal signal of a potential osmosis problem – even in the initial state – and, as also happens in wood, of a loss of resistance to fatigue with a decrease in the breaking load.

With special tools it is …..


It serves to ascertain the extent of an accidental event occurring to the boat, to assess its dynamics, any repercussions on the structures and consequent damage, as well as repair costs.

It is usually requested by the party in dispute with …..


Pre-purchase appraisal (complete appraisal): it is a complete verification of the boat whose tests are performed in the water and on land.

The boat must be made available to the expert complete with Navigation License …..


Hull and/or structures.

The appraisal can be limited to the verification of the hull and structures only, with the boat on land.

It is intended as an analysis of the conditions of all appliances, including appendages, …..


It is usually required for insurance purposes.

Sea trial is not essential. This report is useful to insurance companies and, in the event of a dispute, to shipowners.

The purpose is to ascertain the seriousness of the damage occurring as a result of an …..


In disputes, the parties in dispute can avail themselves of the collaboration of a CTP (part-time technical consultant).

In the event of a dispute, the judge appoints a CTU (official technical consultant) and, in response to the …..


It is a useful certification to determine the state of conservation and the consequent commercial value of the vessel that will be insured with the hulls policy.

Insurance companies, in order to take on the risk, need the boat status report, which …..


In the case of particularly delicate repairs, the Nautical Expert may be instructed to agree with the shipyard to carry out the same, scheduling moments of verification and protecting the client from interventions not followed in a workmanlike …..