Pre-purchase appraisal (complete appraisal): it is a complete verification of the boat whose tests are performed in the water and on land.

The boat must be made available to the expert complete with Navigation License (in the case of a vessel the CUM or the declaration of power is required), safety certificate (if registered in Italy) RC coverage, certificate of the rescue collective RTF, compass turns, sufficient diesel fuel for the duration of the test, full water tanks, sails, batteries adequately charged.

The first start-up of the engine (s) must be carried out in the presence of the expert.

It is preferable to inspect lockers free of any obstruction, as well as finding pots free from screws with stripped heads.

During the checks, documents, interiors, engine, electronics, instrumentation, electrical system, plumbing, deck equipment, rigging, deck, hull, appendages and, in the case of a sailboat, the sails.

At the end of the verifications, a works specification will be compiled, complete with economic quotation and, after 48 hours, the complete and signed appraisal will be delivered.